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"Aah, how nostalgic, the small fleshy room… inside the blood-drenched child, bright golden scales that fell from a dragon and the fragrant scent of tricking blood-colored sap".

“Love God, and do what you like.” Augustine of Hippo
Studium and Punctum


Sculpture: Sam Jinks
Untitled (Boy) 2013.
Materials: silicone, resin, pigments and human hair.
Size: approx 15 x 86 x 24cm

(via how-i-lost)


195 Melrose Avenue NW2 is an album from the middle of Atrax Morgue’s career, released in 1996. “Blind Fury” is an appropriately named power electronics explosion. Marco Corbelli, the musician behind Atrax Morgue, also ran the industrial/noise label Slaughter Productions. Dead In Mars Records recently released the Atrax Morgue: Tribute compilation in honor of Corbelli, who died of suicide in 2007.

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